Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mecha: A Giant Robot Is Destroying Tokyo

hihi! ^_^

My name is Yuko! ^^

I from Tokyo! ^^

Smiles are happy! ^_^

I like Hello Kitty, Rice and American Movie! ^^

Run! Godzilla! ^____________________^

I no like yelled at. -____-"

bye bye! ^_^

Now, some of you inevitably will be thrown into a frenzy of confusion upon reading this post and wonder what the hell is going on. Maybe you didn't read the title of my blog properly. It doesn't say "The Most Coherent Blog Ever Written". And you think I'm on drugs!? YOU'RE ON DRUGS!

And you were adopted.


calicolyst said...

Am I awesome or what?

Ashley said...

Yes, you are awesome. Is that really someone's blog?

Steve Morozumi said...

i cant belief how awesome you is, and how good these drugs are! i like rice! eat rice everyday! rice good for you! (quoted from some Japanese stationary that i borrowed from my brother)

-Steve @ fluxlife

Tifferz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sm2 said...

I was adopted whilst on drugs? ... oh well, at least I'm not under attack by a giant japanese robot. or godzilla.

or both.

I hate to say it but this post makes too much sense, I request you stop it immediately sir. good day.

mmmmmm. godzila.

Ath'daraxen said...

This is amazing! You rock.

the sultan of lulz said...

I like Godzilla. Delicious.

We happy together 365 100%!!, to quote Morning Glory stickers. On a side note, I didn't know Morning Glory sold stickers until the other day, but they may have just been a cheap knock-off.

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