Friday, January 22, 2010

Ban This, China.

A dangerous capitalist lackey radical being demolished by the glorious defenders of the people's republic.

In the words of that little black girl with the microphone, "We gotta fight the China power before they put the hoo-cha-cha on us." and I agree. I've had enough of their lead-filled children's toys, bird-based pathogens, and under-aged gymnasts. Nastia Liuken was robbed by extremely flexible Communists in sparkling leotards and she now lives in disgrace, using her forehead as a landing strip for large airliners, all because of fucking China.

China has now gone to the point of building a Great Wall of Denial to control the information on Google, blocking all the dangerous radical Western influences. After all, it's against the law to say that Hu Jintao is a premature ejaculator who smears komodo dragon feces on his face because of his mental retardation. The police would knock on my door and I would be arrested, carted off to China's courts, which would declare me guilty, and sentence me to be a contestant on Japanese game shows for the rest of my life. Trust me, it's the reason seppuku was invented.

I think, therefore, every website in the world should post Anti-Communist messages that specifically antagonize the Chinese Government, so they will have to block the entire internet except for itself.

Here's mine:

PEKING DUCK? MORE LIKE PEKING SHIT. Chairman Mao's mother was a prostitute.


calicolyst said...

And she should've been on Dancing With The Stars, not that whore Shawn Johnson.

PinkPanthress said...

Wasn't Seppuku japanese?

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