Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've decided to change the format of my dramatically, and will probably do away with the prevailing negative and dark ambiance.

I have a few reasons for doing so, the first being that I'm much happier now than when I started writing this, because, let's face it: that was a pretty fucked-up time. It takes a substantial amount of maximum subconscious rage to hash out that much dark humour, and gee golly, I'm about plum out.

Honestly, if the good side of me and the evil side of me had a Battle Royale, an all-out fight to the death in the streets of Tokyo while piloting towering mecha robots armed with lasers, missiles and fear, I would want the good me to prevail, and then plant a flag with my face on it into the burning corpse of the evil me.

And who says violence isn't the answer? Geez.

I was also somewhat inspired by the deposed Generalissimo of Late-Night Talk, Conan O'Brien, to not be a cynical little fucker. To me, it's not really that funny anymore, and I find myself saying "Well, I can't post this... it's too upbeat." so I have to scrap a lot of creativity for the sake of this "image" which isn't even really me anymore. Truthfully, I can do a whole lot more than just bitch on the internet all the time. Really.

So what does a more upbeat version of myself look like?

I'm already considering a new design for my blog, because I sure don't want it to look typical or boring. I'm pretty sure I'm over the black background, too, but the alternative of white might be worse depending on what I decide to do with it. I would definitely have a contest for my readers for ideas, with the prize being a never-ending supply of Cinnamon-flavored gum, but I doubt there are enough readers for that to be effective. If I had Adobe Photoshop, I could make a crackerjack layout that would make all the Scene Girls jealous as fuck, but alas, I'm stuck with an outdated drawing program, so I'll probably just post pictures of stick people humping.

I know a few people (like Blaine) will be disappointed and upset, possibly jumping in front of a street sweeper. Don't do that, though. There are still plenty of other raging assholes writing on the internet about lord-only-knows-what, and being hilarious in the process.

That's all for now. Toodles.


PinkPanthress said...

Ooh... layout change! *flails*

I would suggest a cold, light Blue theme or a warm, pastel Peach...
And no, thanks I do not want that Cinnamon gum stuff, I am allergic to Cinnamon

Amanda West said...

Aw, I'm so happy for you.

They say positive people live longer, ya know?

Haha. But whatever.

You funny as hell and I'm sure if you chose to go the extreme with fluffy white clouds and cute little bunnies, it'd still be funny.

alana said...

The hope of seeing stick people humping is the very reason I come here.

PinkPanthress said...

Hello there, you have been tagged in my Blog... -> Click me for Award!

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