Monday, February 23, 2009

I Didn't Watch the Oscars Because I Didn't Really Want To.

The Oscar Awards were held yesterday and I didn't watch them. I plan to spend the next several days avoiding anything that attempts to inform me about who won what. This may prove to be difficult, because I read the news, and the people in the news love Awards Shows, especially when they have nothing to report, leading their coverage to blow a relatively low unemployment rate out of proportion.

Here's what happened at the Oscars (I know because this always happens):

- Some movie everyone liked won a ton of awards.

- Some movie no one expected won some awards.

- Some movie that was expected to win a bunch of awards won less awards than expected.

- Chris Rock was not invited to host.

Well, I hope they enjoy their little gold-colored statues, but I don't think those will be of much value when the Cloverfield Monster attacks and destroys pretty much everything.


AlanDP said...

You missed Wolverine singing.

Ashley said...

Hugh Jackman sang? Oh...I avoid the them...because all that seems to matter to the media about the award shows are what celebrities wore to the award shows, no one really cares about the movies themselves.

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