Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Douche Ex Machina

During my usual rounds of Myspace stalking, I saw this picture in my friend Gabby's photos. I thought it was cool, because goddamn it, the girl's hair is becoming crows. Don't ask why. It's art; fuck making sense, it's just cool.

Actually, I like art. It's just artists that piss me off. Especially career artists. They want everyone to love their work and love them, and get paid for their art. Right. And I want 49 million dollars right this instant. For no reason.

Yeah, art is great, but you have to be really, really lucky to make decent money doing it. The problem is, artists just figure "Well, I'll just make art, and because I'm really talented, people will buy my shit." and that's a nice thought, but not exactly practical. There are a ton of talented people that no one knows about. On the other tentacle, there are incredibly untalented people that everyone knows about.

Why? Think about that this way: I'm sure quite a few people can grill a decent hamburger, and would probably even say that their burgers are superior to McDonald's. Yet, McDonald's is making quadrillions of dollars. That's because the McDonald's burger has a massive marketing machine behind it; whereas you have nothing, unless you put up a sign in your front yard that reads "I make better hamburgers than McDonald's, so come to my house instead of going to McDonald's"

To be honest, I'd stop at your house if I saw that sign.


calicolyst said...

All money belongs to The Man, and he hates art, anyway. That's why all artists wear berets; Leninism for the win, right?

Fred said...

My daugther just dragged me through a middle school art exibit, what the fuck ever happen to imagination, creativity. I said to myself there turnning our kids into drones. Thats how I see alot of artist today, someone who can draw a staight line so they call themselves artist.

Steve Morozumi said...

i too would like to see people putting signs in their front yards that say i make better hamburgers than McDonald's. first of all, i too would eat there. second, i think we could start a marketing revolution for the people instead of the over sized corporations. "eat my burger!, it's way hotter than McDonald's!" i just paid my cat to come up with that slogan. it may be a little off, but i'm gonna use it for my sign anyway. :|

-Steve @ fluxlife

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you liked the picture, haha.
Jared, I will master the art of boca burgers and invite you for dinner. I can already beat Starbucks' lemonade and tea.

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